Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Time-trial Timișoara, 4km

Parade in Timișoara

Nothing is more appealing for the public than a “parade” of athletes on the city streets. In this case, everything happens in the martyr city of Timișoara. For cyclists, being able to pedal along a central circuit, cheered by hundreds of fans, is a huge morale boost before the 5 difficult stages.

Stage route

START (UVT parking) – turn right B-dul. Vasile Pârvan – through Michelangelo Passage – turn 180 degrees to the left before leaving Michelangelo Passage – through Michelangelo Passage – forward on B-dul. Vasile Pârvan – turn right over the Mihai Viteazul bridge (upstream direction, lane 1) – turn right Strada 20 Decembrie 1989 – Piața Iancu Huniade – turn right on B-dul I.C. Brătianu – turn 180 degrees to the left on the shoulder before the roundabout – forward on B-dul. I. C. Brătianu – Piața Iancu Huniade – left turn Strada 20 Decembrie 1989 – right turn Bd. C.D. Loga – left turn B-dul Regele Ferdinand I (lane 1) – forward over the bridge Mihai Viteazul (upstream direction, lane 2, opposite direction) – left turn B-dul. Vasile Pârvan – FINISH (UVT).

Time schedule

Start Prologue – 18:00 – West University Parking
Finish Prologue – 20:00 – Western University Parking
Awards Ceremony – 20:20 – West University Parking

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Stage profile

The most visible monument in the square if St. Nepomuk Statue. It is located at the centre of Liberty Square and it resembles the Statue of the Holy Trinity in the Union Square. The two squares are very close, less than 5-minute walk distance.

The Victory Square hosts the National Opera House and the Metropolitan Cathedral, two of the most representative monuments of the city. Close by, we find the artesian well “Fish Fountain”, the she-wolf statue, and the Banat Museum hosted by the Hunyadi Castle.

The Union Square hosts the Roman Catholic Dome, the mineral water fountain, the Orthodox Bishopric, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Holy Trinity Monument, Bruke House and the Canonical Houses.

One heart beating for cycling.

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