Satu Mare – Bistrița Town Hall, 205,2 km

Wednesday, 07.09.2022

Stage description:

A long stage where the ranking can already be outlined. Intermediate climbs and sprints, high chances to catch crosswinds as well. A big contrast to the effort in the prologue, now you need to stay strong for five hours. This day is too easy for a graded climber and too hard for a genuine sprinter. A route on which the escape has a high chance of reaching the finish, if it is made up of strong cyclists that are favourites even in the general classification.

Stage route:

Satu Mare – Hideaga – Mogoșești – Satulung – Arieșu de Pădure – Cătălina – Coaș – Rușor – Târgu Lăpuș – Dămăcușeni – Suciu de Jos – Agrieșel – Târlișua – Spermezeu – Căianu Mic – Uriu – Beclean – Blăjenii de Jos – Bistrița

Time schedule

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Stage profile:

Neutral start profile:

Someș (Hungarian: Szamos, German: Somesch/Samosch, Latin: Samus) is the fifth river in size and flow in Romania, with a length of over 465 km, of which 376 km on Romanian territory. The hydrographic basin is formed by the union of the river Someșul Mare with Someșul Mic and flows into the Tisza, on the territory of Hungary.

Târgu Lăpuș – the old name of the locality is Lăpușul Unguresc, being documented in 1291. Located at the confluence of regional communication routes, the place became the market of the zone, gradually developing as a commercial, cultural and folklore center for the area of ​​the upper basin of the Lăpuș river, generically also called Lăpuș Country. In 1622, the first school in the area was established here, whose building was destroyed by the Tatars in 1657.

Bistrița – the north-east of Transylvania region entered from the Middle Ages between royal possessions. Starting with the reign of King Géza II (1141-1161) of Hungary groups of Flemings, Walloons, Saxons, Bavarians, were settled here and will later be known under the generic name of Saxons, endowed by the Golden Bull of the Saxons in 1224, with a series of rights and liberties that gave them a privileged social and economic status.

O singură inimă care bate pentru ciclism.

A ta.
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