Yellow Jersey

The best cyclist in the competition

The most visible jersey for the best cyclist in the race! Yellow as the sun in the sky and the most important jersey it can be. It is given to the one who proves he wanted the victory the most.

White Jersey

The best cyclist under 23 years old

He is young, he is ambitious, he has the resources and the strategy well prepared and he stands out! He is the best cyclist under 23 years. A cyclist at the beginning of the road making his way to the top.

Red Jersey

The cyclist that gained most points

It is awarded to the next André Darrigade (the best French sprinter of all time) to that cyclist who, with an enormous explosive force, manages to reach a high speed over a short distance. You never know when he will surprise by sprinting out the platoon to fight for this title.

Green Jersey

The best climber

It is meant for that cyclist for whom the elevation gain is a strength, the one who loves steep climbs and slopes. Because only from above you really have a perspective on things.

Blue Jersey

The best Romanian cyclist

He is Romanian and he’s the best! He follows the footsteps of legends and has the chance to write history for the red, yellow and blue flag.

Gray Jersey

The best in the team classification

A team is made of 6 riders, but in this ranking only the time of the first 3 counts. They play an overwhelming role for the entire evolution of the team!

Tour of Romania

One heart beating for cycling.